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 Edexcel's Top Ten Tips for English students

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مُساهمةموضوع: Edexcel's Top Ten Tips for English students   الإثنين أغسطس 10, 2009 4:53 pm

ربي السلام عليكم وبسم ال ربي
following tips from Edexcel’s GCSE English Chief Examiner, Pam Taylor,
are designed to help you produce a high quality response to poetry exam

  • Decide between the question with two named poems and the one with
    one named poem and your own choice, making sure you have good knowledge
    of both poems.

  • If choosing your own poem, be sure you have chosen a suitable one to write about for this particular question.

  • Focus on the key words in the question (and underline these before
    you start). After you have read the paper through, spend a few minutes
    planning your answers to each question (no more than five minutes).

  • When planning, jot down short quotations from the poems, and make
    sure that you include these in your answer. Do not try to write down
    everything you know.

  • Make sure you write a balanced answer, with roughly equal
    attention to each of your two poems, spending 15-20 minutes on each

  • Always include a brief introductory paragraph, followed by your main section and ending with a clear conclusion.

  • Make sure you analyse the language rather than listing how many technical devices are included.

  • When referring to features such as similes and metaphors, think about how and why these are used.

  • Quote briefly and support your quotations with a clearly explained point.

  • Think about similarities and differences between your two poems, even if you are not directly asked to compare poems.

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Edexcel's Top Ten Tips for English students
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